About Me

I have been providing services as a licensed massage therapist in San Antonio, Texas since 1997 with a primary emphasis on deep tissue massage and a specific interest in Sports Injury Rehabilitation. Nine of those years were in a doctor’s office.

I strive to offer focused, on-target service based on your needs, expressed through two-way communication as needed during sessions.

I have personal experience with what it is like to have limited activities of daily living caused by sports injuries. I played several sports from elementary through high school and dislocated my knees several times--among other injuries. As a result, I have experienced pain from those old injuries that sometimes prevents me from engaging in my normal daily activities. I believe that by experiencing ongoing issues and pain from sports injuries myself, I understand intimately the seriousness and frustration of not being able to carry out my normal activities without pain.

I love what I do because it allows me to increase the quality of people’s lives by removing pain and physical limitations so that they may live their lives comfortably.

On one occasion a very active woman in her mid-twenties came to me with an injury caused by repetitive sports activity. She couldn't raise her arm above her head, and had seen many doctors who had not been able to help. After I worked on her for ten minutes was able tor aiser her arm above her head. Just a short time later, she happily raised her arm above her head at her wedding reception and threw her bouquet.

I humbly appreciate the gift that I have been given to help people like her reclaim their lives and live without pain or physical limitations.