Kim R.  San Marcos, TX


A little background - I’m retired and not at all athletic.  I’ve had a desk job for most of my working life.  Around June, 2019, I developed some severe pain that defied diagnosis.  I’ve been to Primary Care doctors (2), an internist, a Rheumatologist, Neurosurgeons (2), a Pain Management doctor, physical therapists (1 for 12 sessions and 1 for 10 sessions), chiropractors (2), a massage therapist, yoga instructors (3) and had two MRIs.  Nothing conclusive. No diagnosis.  Both Neurosurgeons recommended spinal laminectomy with fusion which seemed WAY too aggressive. You’ve probably heard “if all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail” and I had the feeling that both neurosurgeons looked at the MRIs and decided that degenerating disks were the cause and had to come out.  I balked as I would be facing at least a yearlong recovery and maybe a 50% chance surgery would help.  One said that ‘maybe I could get back to 90%’. Along the way, things got much worse and I was using a walker to get around the house.  Walking more than 20 yards was difficult and very painful.  I dreaded the pain of just getting out of bed. 


My neighbor recommended Robert Baldwin to me.  Robert had helped his golf game by loosening up his arm and told me I needed to try.   I was skeptical - Robert was about a 50 minute drive away and I’d tried massage before that didn’t help.  It took my neighbor continually pushing me to try and I really regret waiting.  My neighbor didn’t describe a “fluff and buff” massage, so I went with a hopeful attitude expecting a deep tissue/trigger point release massage.  Twice a week, a few months later, I am almost back to 100%.   I’m walking over two miles daily, not taking any muscle relaxants (which didn’t work at all) and most days, only ibuprofen or acetaminophen instead of the pain pills the doctors prescribed.


I’ve been to several massage therapists, but none are like Robert.  He took the time to listen before he started and again at each session so he understands what’s changed and what’s needed so there is continued progress.  His knowledge and skills are incredible – a deep tissue, therapeutic massage that I’ve not had before. His comments and initial assessment focused on muscle stiffness with spasms and he was right.  No one knows what caused my problem, but Robert knew how to treat it and that is all that matters.  I’ll be a client forever and I’ve recommended him to everyone – including my own primary care doctor and pain management doctor.  


I was introduced to Robert through a mutual friend in 2009 and since then he has been my go-to guy for any injury I have sustained through my training and competitions.  Having been a college baseball pitcher who ended his career from a shoulder injury, and now being a CrossFit gym owner and avid competitor, my need to be in peak physical condition day-in and day-out is a necessity.  No matter what my job calls for, or what my physical challenge maybe on a given day, injury is not an option.  I’ve tried many other forms of therapy, but nothing has given me lasting results like Robert’s method of massage.  I thank Robert for what he provides me and for what he provides my athletes, as he is the only one I will refer them to.  Thanks again Robert!


Testimonial of Jack E. Lewi, MD, FACP, FACE

Quality, consistency, focus, and incredible knowledge and talent are a few of the traits of Robert Baldwin, the best massage therapist I have experienced.  Robert Baldwin knows anatomy, listens to my concerns, and delivers results. I have been to dozens of massage therapists, many of which have been very good, and I have been to a full slate of Rolfing sessions in the past.  There is no one that can match the outcomes of increase in performance, release of muscle tension, and healing of muscle injury like Robert.  Robert has enabled me to return to my favorite endurance activities after having repeated injuries and subsequent scar tissue and muscle tightness that no one was able to help heal. Robert is patient and persistent in his technique.  He has an outstanding ability to go directly to the source of the injury thereby leading to long term resolution.  As an athlete for over 35 years and as a physician, I appreciate and desire effective rehabilitation.  Robert Baldwin listens, focuses his incredible talents on the problem, and delivers the healing and therapy I need.  Robert is passionate about massage therapy.  He is as engaged and as concerned about my healing as I am.  I am very thankful for the care I have received through Robert Baldwin and I am thankful knowing I have a responsive, professional, and extremely knowledgeable massage therapist.



I’ve received massages for many years.  Some were good, some were bad, but none were great…until I met Robert.  In that time, I have maybe found one or two therapists who can do what he does…well, about half what he does.  Communicate your needs because he listens.  My needs are greater than the average customer.  I need focused, deep-tissue therapy which he provides in spades.  No spot is too deep.  He does it with great care and increases pressure at the pace you desire.  He can provide the whole range of technique, but the customer (athletes, those of us with “entrenched” spots many layers down, etc.) who has a difficult time finding someone who can really get to the root of the problem should go see him…if you want results.  So whether you need him to provide a light, soothing touch, bring the hammer, something in between, or all the above, he should be your therapist.



Massage Therapy Cured Me!!!
I have been a  distance runner for many years.  I run 20-30 miles a week and have fortunately been injury free -until this past spring.  I began training for a marathon in June.  About one month into my training, I started developing pain in my Achilles tendon area.  I have a degree in Sports Medicine and work full time in the Health and Fitness Industry.  I knew enough about how to treat these injuries so I began the regimen of cross-training, ice, rest, water exercise to keep my cardiovascular conditioning up.  This went on for nearly a month when I began to think I was not going to recover in time to train for this marathon.I happened to be in the office of  the AHCC group for a work related purpose and they noticed my limping.  On their encouragement they suggested a few minutes of deep tissue work a couple of times per week.  I made an appointment with Robert to get this therapy started.  I must admit, I  doubted that this would really speed up my recovery, but was desperate enough to try anything.  I had a 30 minute session with all of the focus being deep tissue work on my calves and IT band.  The first session brought immediate results.  I was shocked, surprised and delighted that I felt better the same day and had more improvement the following day.   Massage therapy twice a week for two weeks and I was back to my regular running schedule.  I continued getting maintenance massage work done for the remainder of my marathon training and completed the marathon injury free. I am a big believer in the work that Robert provides to his clients.   I have sent a number of friends and fellow runners to him with similar success stories.I look forward to continuing my therapy periodically to remain injury free.



A good friend referred me to Robert after I'd been going to my orthopedic doctor for seven months and was not getting the results I thought should have occurred. I'd been in a car accident and my radial ulna was fractured. In lieu of surgery, my orthopedic doctor recommended I wear a Dynasplint brace which was supposed to stretch my arm back to it's orginal position within a couple of months. After four months of wearing the brace with a lot of pain, frustration, very little change in range of motion, not to mention how heavy and ugly the splint was, I decided to give Robert a try. Due to the scar tissue that had developed over the past four months, initially Robert recommended I see him twice a week. After a just a couple of sessions, I saw and felt a difference. He'd begun, "peeling the layers off of the onion" as he explained to me. After one month, I was able to see him once a week. I've just completed two months of physical therapy to my arm. My arm is almost completely back to normal and I have full range of motion. I've even been able to return to yoga class and put my full weight on my arm. It truly is amazing how much my arm has recovered, with his help, in such a short amount of time. I am absolutely positive my arm would not be in it's current healthy condition without Robert's professional help.



Robert helped me heal my hamstring from a yoga injury. I was really worried when I injured my hamstring because I am very active in my job as a personal trainer and yoga teacher. I booked eight sessions with Robert for therapeutic sports massage and each week my injury got progressively better until I made a full recovery. I no longer have any issues with my hamstring. I was already a big believer in the use of massage for gaining flexibility and reducing stress. Now I also believe in its healing properties for injury rehabilitation. I highly recommend Robert to work with my clients and anyone needing focused attention on a specific area.

Jane Goldstein, M.S.
Certified Personal Trainer, ACSM, NASM

Registered Yoga Teacher, RYT 500



I have endured three years of chronic neck, shoulder and back pain.  After visits to countless medical and body work professionals (I've done it all), I experienced mild relief albeit far less than I needed to be comfortable and happy.

At a friend's suggestion, I began sessions with Robert Baldwin three months ago.  After about two months, Robert had provided me substantial relief.  I am not cured of pain, but I am substantially more comfortable and happier now than I was over the past few years.  I attribute my gains to Robert's skilled deep tissue massage.

I'm a safety first guy.  Regarding COVID, I continue to wipe, wash, mask, and social distance.  I do not go to restaurants.  I have recently returned to my sessions with Robert after discussing my concerns with him and allowing him to put measures into place that address my concerns.  I'm quite pleased with the outcome and very happy to be back on his table getting relief.

Andy Jacobson
Andrew D. Jacobson


Solomon Scientific



Earlier this year I had a sudden onset of extreme and debilitating upper back pain. I could not determine what had caused it and it was so painful that I had trouble walking and could not sleep. No position was comfortable. I saw a doctor, who told me that it was just muscle spasms and nothing could be done, other than controlling the pain with medication. I took the medication, nothing improved. The pain was so severe that I went and had an MRI done as well. After a few days of suffering I finally contacted Robert for a massage. I was skeptical that a massage could help my severe back pain, but I heard good things about Robert and decided to give it a try.

He started working on my back and within fifteen minutes had identified the source of the pain, and it began to lessen almost immediately. After just one session my pain decreased dramatically and within days I felt normal again. I told Robert that I was his client for life after this experience. Not only did he almost immediately stop the pain, but he is the first true deep tissue massage therapist that I have encountered in years.

After my experience with Robert, I decided to add his therapy to the treatment that clients of my law practice have available. My law firm handles personal injury cases and our clients often must visit doctors, including chiropractors to treat their injuries and manage their pain. We determined that to give our clients the best care possible we should include Robert as one of our providers. Now, whenever we have clients with problems that could benefit from Robert’s massage therapy work, we send them to him for as many visits as they need to start getting better. We have had only positive results and feedback from doing so.

I would highly recommend Robert Baldwin as a massage therapist.



Unlike many of the people that Robert works on, I am by no means an athlete. I am just a lawyer. However, I generally exercise quite a bit. Every week I do some combination of lifting weights, running, spinning and/or yoga several times. Last year, I ran the San Antonio Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon, and I am currently training for the 2011 half marathon now. The result of that activity, combined with the increased insults of age insure that I injure myself every once in a while doing these things. I’ve hurt my back, pulled my hamstrings, wrenched my ankle, and my ribs come out of place every once in a while. When these things happen, I always go to Robert and usually he is able to heal my injury after just one session. Sometimes it takes a few visits, like when I have hurt my hamstring, or my low back, but he has always eventually been able to “fix” my injuries. So, Robert is great for people who aren’t really athletes, and for people who have hurt themselves through more mundane activities or repetitive actions (like typing or lifting), or through traumatic events (like car accidents).

However, Robert’s true gift is his ability to heal injured athletes quickly and without surgical intervention. He is one of very few massage therapists I have experienced who truly offers deep tissue massage therapy. He is capable of transforming a person with a performance limiting muscular problem into one who can get out and do Cross-Fit or run ten miles the next day—in just an hour of work. I have seen it happen.  Mind you, if you want fast and extreme results like that with Robert you have to be willing to endure some discomfort. Although he will always work within whatever level of pressure is acceptable for his client and still gets good results.

As a result, I believe that his abilities make him the perfect massage therapist for dedicated, elite, and competitive athletes. Such a person, in my opinion, will be driven by his or her need and desire to overcome injuries and continue performing and excelling at his or her given sport. The decision to go spend an hour of discomfort with Robert will be easy, knowing that he or she will get off the massage table partially or completely healed and that much closer to peak performance again.

I recommend Robert as a massage therapist to anyone who mentions that they need one. But I would especially recommend him to any athlete interested in not allowing injuries or tight muscles to interfere with his or her performance.